What's In WeWoreWhat's Archive Shoe Collection?

Danielle Bernstein's newest line just debuted today, and it's flat-out gorgeous. So, what exactly is in her new We Wore What Archive shoe collection? Well, this season's theme is boots, so the line includes five different boot styles, each more stylish than the last — not that we'd expect anything less from our favorite astronomically popular fashion blogger, eh?

Produced as a collaboration between Bernstein and Modern Vice founder/designer Jordan Adoni, this collection is slated to be the first of many. Boots are the concept this time around, and luckily, there's a lot of ground to cover there: With 5 distinct boots featured in different textures and neutral shades, there's definitely something for everyone.

As for the styles themselves, the collection features an over-the-knee boot, a Chelsea boot, a lace-up boot, a glove boot, and a cowboy-esque bootie. Each one is named after a different New York City street — Bernstein explained to Footwear News, "Each style is named after a different street in downtown NYC, as a tribute to the city that has shaped me, and continues to inspire me every day ... New York is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, and this line was created to be a staple for the girl who is constantly on the move.” That sentiment definitely comes through in the collection's collective cool factor — take a look.

The Barrow Boot

The Barrow Boot in Black Leather, $398,

So timelessly chic.

The Mercer Boot

The Mercer Boot in Embossed Snakeskin, $349,

Honestly, does it get much more chic than a snakeskin Chelsea boot?

The Laight Boot

The Laight Boot in Black Leather, $498,

Over-the-knee boots are tricky to style, but when you get it right, they're so worth the extra effort.

The Bleecker Boot

The Bleecker Boot in Black Suede, $398,


The Glove Boot

The simple, slim-fitting glove boot is nothing short of a must-have — though unfortunately, it seems to be sold out already. Let's all hope for a restock!

What do you think of the collection? If it weren't retailing for a not-unsubstantial $349-$398, I think we'd all be buying the whole thing.

Images: WhoWoreWhat/Instagram; Courtesy Brands