Alex Has Feelings For Maggie On 'Supergirl' & Is On A Journey Of Self-Discovery That's All Her Own

Monday's episode of Supergirl had two major reveals when it comes to heroes and villains, but one of the episode's best moments happened on the other side of Central City and was much more grounded in reality. Yes, as suspected, Alex has feelings for Maggie on Supergirl . While she didn't exactly admit them out loud, Alex's discovery that she is attracted to women is still a pretty big deal.

After Maggie implied that Alex could be gay, and Winn assumed that her feelings for Maggie weren't like his feelings for Kara, Alex was forced to look within. At the end of the episode, she came out to Maggie, but it wasn't like most big "coming out" scenes on television. Supergirl is taking a honest, quiet approach right on the heels of Daryl on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Alex's journey of self-discovery is really nice, and I like that she kind of stuttered through her speech to Maggie about never enjoying dating or intimacy with men and assuming that dating in general just wasn't for her. Though she wanted to be dating — she said that to Winn in the season premiere. So something was clearly off, and for a show with aliens and evil government organizations, it's nice to have this story with Alex that's human, light and serious, and especially not played for shock value.

"It’s all coming as a bit of a shock to her," said executive producer Andrew Kreisberg in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "If Maggie hadn’t come along, I don’t think she would’ve recognized this about herself, and probably wouldn’t have had the courage to come out the way she is. I think moving forward, it’s baby steps." She hasn't told Kara yet, and this story is far from over. "From my research and talking to my gay friends," he said, "it seems like, at least anecdotally, when people come out later in life, they tend to come out because they’ve met someone and they have strong feelings for someone. That’s what happens with Alex, that she has these very strong feelings for this woman. Watching that relationship have its twists and turns makes up the Alex storyline for the foreseeable future."

However, I think it's important that Alex is — at least for the moment, putting herself over Maggie for the time being. Jumping into a relationship with Maggie might put a lot of pressure on Maggie to be "Alex's answer," so to speak. But also, like, this 'ship is super sailing on Supergirl and I excited to see what happens next.

Images: Liane Hentscher, Diyah Perah/The CW