How To Use The "Voting In The U.S. Election" Status On Facebook, Because You Deserve A Digital "I Voted" Sticker


This election has left me wanting to delete my Facebook and never look back. Vicious verbal attacks (there's no excuse for bullying, no matter whose side you're on) and the constant spread of misinformation are concerning, to say the least. But there is one recent Facebook addition that I think is pretty cool: In honor of Election Day, the platform is allowing you to add a special voting status to your Facebook posts. If you're wondering how to use the "Voting in the U.S. Election" status on Facebook, don't be surprised if you missed it, as it's a bit hidden. But if you know where to go, it's easy — and I've got the steps right here.

It's a special day where we get to exercise our right to vote; and Facebook, always aiming to make memories and find a way to connect us all, is offering a unique way for us to let our friends know that we took part in the election. It's worth pointing out that this feature only works if you have your Facebook language set to English (US), though — otherwise, the option probably won't show up.

If you were part of Election Day and want everyone to know, here's what you can do:

1. Click On The Status Box

Click where it says "What's on your mind?" as if you were going to leave an ordinary status. Except this status is going to be amazing, because you just voted.

2. Click On The Smiley Face Button

When you hover over it, you'll see, "Add what you're doing or how you're feeling.

3. Click More

The smiley face button will bring up a variety of options, including Feeling, Celebrating, and More. Choose "More."

4. Click The Voting Option

This will once again bring up several options to choose from. You should see "voting in the U.S. Election" right at the top. Select that.

5. Voila!

You now have the voting status added to your post. Easy as pie.

Images: Megan Grant/Bustle (5)