11 2016 Election Filters You Can Use On Your Profile Pictures To Show Your Voting Pride

A lot of us are overwhelmed by the Election Day talk on social media. It seems like you can't scroll for more than 10 seconds without seeing a "nasty woman" reference or an Instagram of the 'I voted' sticker. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome that so many Millennials have gotten involved in the election — people from my past who I'd never pegged as politically-minded have been candidly and publicly sharing their allegiances on social media. But it is a little dizzying to think back in time, before the madness began, and try to imagine what social media looked like when (mostly) devoid of constant political chatter.

Although voting is important no matter the year, it's obvious that this time around, people have been extra vocal. Because it's such a polarizing election — clearly, the major parties have two very different candidates — everyone is making sure to speak their mind in hopes of persuading their friends and family to share their opinion. No matter what side of the fence you're on politically, it's worth your while to take part in what's been what seems like one of the craziest elections in US history.

Soon enough, this whole nightmare will be over and we can completely cleanse our social media of political jargon until the next election. But before that moment comes, it's important to show your voting pride and tell your friends you voted one last time, in hopes that it encourages them to exercise their right to vote, too. To do so, either choose one of the three offered directly by Facebook, or check out Twibbon to find some even more specific ones. Here are 11 cute filters you can apply to your profile picture to proclaim that you took part in the history-making 2016 presidential election.

1. I Voted

2. Latino Pride

3. Voted? Check!

4. #VoteAgainstHate

5. HRC Support

6. For The ~Ladies~

7. Traditional Sticker

8. Early Voter

9. #BlackWomenVote

10. #MyMuslimVote

11. And My Personal Favorite...

No matter who you're supporting today, find your polling place and go make your voice heard!

Images: Laken Howard/Bustle; Unsplash; Facebook (3); Twibbon (8)