Taylor Swift's Election Outfit Makes A Statement

by Kali Borovic

While other celebrities are out sporting their obvious political attire, this one could be doing things a little differently. Following in her friend Lena Dunham's fashionable footsteps, Taylor Swift wore a old-shoulder sweater on Election Day. What does that mean? Well, people are wondering if the singer may have told everyone who she was on her way to vote for with her iconic top.

Clothing has played a big role in this year's presidential election. People have worn everything from quirky political tees to full head-to-toe apparel. Celebrities have been a big part of the trend too. Katy Perry wore a Madam President embroidered jacket and Lady Gaga dressed up as a suffragette. Swift had a different approach to election fashion. Instead of sporting a graphic tee or over-the-top design, the singer wore a cold-shouldered sweater from Splendid.

Let me break down why this is important. As Racked points out, a few days prior to Election Day, Dunham wore the same style sweater on Instagram, saying she was inspired by one of Hillary Clinton's throwback photos. People on social media are speculating that Swift was following suit with her cutout sweater as well. It could mean Swift is a Clinton supporter, just like her close friend Dunham. Or it could simply be a sweater, since Swift hasn't vocalized support for any specific candidates this election.

According to Racked, one of the first people to notice Swift's outfit was a One Direction conspiracy theorist named Kaitlyn Tiffany, who shared her theory on Twitter.

See the connection? Since Dunham is member of Swift's #squad, it would make sense that they discussed this beforehand. The singer is constantly changing up her style and giving secret hints with her items too.

Sounds legit to me.

People are digging deep.

Fans don't think this was an accident.

New last-minute campaign slogan.

If you didn't already know what to wear on Election Day, then you do now. Break out the statement-making tops, people! If nothing else, this just gave you another reason to go buy a cold-shoulder sweater.