The 16 Best Election Memes From The Entire 2016 Election Cycle

As the torrid 2016 election comes to a close, tensions are high, hopes are higher, and everyone's subtly (or maybe not so subtly) freaking the eff out. But before the news cycles completely shift to the new president and the results of the election, let's take a moment to look back with some of the best 2016 election memes that sum up the chaos of the last few months.

We don't have to focus on the tumult, rather our own reactions to the drama, as depicted through these memes. Because in just one day, all the memes that made us laugh and made us cry and made us feel inspired, will be old news. So for a hot minute while we wait for our unavoidable future, let us look back at some of the best memes from this election cycle — which were creative, witty, and borderline genius.

There was no shortage of funny internet community banter in this election season. Every time either candidate appeared on TV, the meme population grew — which is totally a mix of us getting craftier with social media platforms and editing, and also just the candidates being so polarized. The result? Constant content. Below are some of the best memes that will help remind us of the sense of humor that was totally needed to survive these last few months. Let's all breathe a collective sigh of relief hat today is our last day of campaigning.

Mouth For Eyes

It's uncanny. I mean, they look exactly the same. Do you think he can taste the rainbow?

The Tiffany Trump Shut Down

She's like, "Dad, no, not in front of America."

Yes We Ken

Ken Bone for the win!

When Trump Made A Blink 182 Cameo

It just works too perfectly.

When You Can't Help But Bow Down

To Queen Bey.

Hombre? Or Ombre?

For sure there are a lot of bad ombres.

When Ted Cruz Was The Zodiac Killer

What? Wikipedia said so.

That Time When Obama Actually Dropped The Mic

Giving us yet another reason to love him and miss him already.

When Bill Went Gaga For Balloons

It's like he's never seen one before. It's like they're falling from space.

Hillary Clinton's Face Fly

That time a fly landed on her eyebrow and she just kept slaying the debate.

The Many Faces Of Trump

And this isn't even all of them. What's maybe most impressive is the succession of faces in one take.

Classic Interjections

Throughout the election season, Trump never hesitated to tell someone when he thought they were wrong, regardless of the actual facts. He couldn't help but interrupt people over and over again.

When They Did Karaoke

Sort of.

That Kid In Class...

...who used to just cite themselves. This election, we've watched Trump cite himself as a source, too.

The Clinton Shimmy

Remember that time she did a weird shimmy to let out some debate nerves on live TV? And like, it was pretty cute?

And Then Of Course Today

When Trump had to peek over at his wife's ballot to make sure she was voting for him.

See? It wasn't all bad. We had a few laughs together... if only they weren't at the cost of our nation.

Images: Bustle; Imgflip, Giphy, Vine