How Long Will Obama Remain In Office? The Election Won't Be His Last Day

As we wait in suspense for the announcement of our newly elected president, many people are still earnestly wondering, when is President Obama's last day in office? In the midst of all the Election Day predictions, it's easy to forget that Obama will still be president after the winner is announced. So how much longer does he have the duties of commander-in-chief, and what exactly does his role look like after Election Day?

Officially, Obama's last day as president is Jan. 19, the eve before our new president is sworn in on Inauguration Day. However, despite his remaining two months as president, it's unlikely that Obama will be pushing new platforms as president; instead Obama will help with the presidential transition for whoever takes office.

Whether Hillary Clinton is elected president, or Donald Trump becomes president, the White House Transition Coordinating Council, an administrative group selected by President Obama to ease the transition, will get to work. As is common practice in election years, Obama issued an executive order in May that emphasizes the transition responsibilities him and his team face during the two months between Election Day and Inauguration Day. So, yes, despite all of the Election Day rumbling Obama will still be president on Wednesday, Nov. 9.

In keeping with tradition, this morning Obama observed his Election Day ritual by shooting hoops first thing in the morning, which is a lovely past time he's kept up on every Election Day since his first run in 2008. While there's likely loads of stress associated with transitioning a new president into office, he's probably also feeling huge waves of relief at the knowledge he can leave the White House in a few short months.

This isn't to downplay the fact that our current president has still been doing the work, and Obama made his final campaign speech for Clinton at a rally in Philadelphia on Monday night, further proving that slacking off is never an option for him. While it's both exciting and mildly terrifying to move into a new political season, many of us will miss President Obama's jokes and the ways he playfully and professionally handled the immense pressure of being president.

Luckily, it's clear the Obama family is bound to stay politically active and in the spotlight. In fact, according to USA Today, Obama is contractually due for another memoir in the next couple years, so we have something concrete to look forward to while we wait for the premiere of the next season of the Obama family.