How To Buy Leggings With HRC's Face On Them

So many Hillarys. Everywhere. And yet, I'm not exactly complaining. In fact, these are pretty awesome. With the election before us, there's no better face than Hillary Clinton's face for your leggings. Plus, these leggings look super comfortable, and they have an adjustable waist line for extra comfort. With its anti-microbial polyester spandex material, this legging is perfect workout gear for runners, as they wick away sweat and reduce moister and chafing.

Hillary Clinton Leggings, $39, Society6

The bright hues of reds, yellows, pinks, and blue are so on trend now, as bright colors, neons, and eccentric prints are popping up everywhere, especially among exercise apparel. The crazy pattern is energizing during a workout, and it definitely makes a statement on your casual trip to the grocery store or a brunch date with the girls. So where can you snag these crazy, but fabulous pair of leggings? Design company, Binge Designs Homeware, has been donating 100 percent of proceeds to Hillary's campaign, and are offering various styles.

While these aren't exactly a basic staple pair of leggings for everyday wear (or, hey, maybe they are for you — whatever works!), they're certainly an amazing option for those of us who like comfort, colors, and are all about spreading the HRC love.

Hillary Clinton Leggings, $39, Society6

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