"I'm Woof Her" Dogs Dressed In Patriotic Outfits Are Stealing Hearts At The Polls — PHOTOS

Do yourself a favor, America, and stop refreshing FiveThirtyEight for the next few minutes, because these "I'm Woof Her" dogs dressed in adorable patriotic outfits and sporting "I Voted" stickers deserve your full and undivided attention. In what has arguably been one of the most polarizing and straight up bizarre elections America has ever experienced, we are all of us in short supply of outlets for our Mount Everests of stress. Dealing with election anxiety is no easy feat, but that, my friends, is where these adorable pups repping for your girl Hillary Clinton are coming to the rescue.

The "I'm Woof Her" dogs are a clever pun on the trending Hillary Clinton support hashtag on Twitter, #ImWithHer, which supporters have been using throughout the election cycle. And now not only are they cheering up voters at the polls, but they are also giving your Twitter feed a brief respite from all the political nonsense that is sure to be going on for the duration of Nov. 8 (and, let's be real, far beyond that). If you were looking for something to keep you occupied as you stand in line to vote, then look no further — these political pups ought to make the time fly.

Neckerchief Fleek

Precious Pup

Twinning And Winning

Corgi Repping

Sticker Swag

Nap Queen

Hats For Hill

Election Gossip


Pups Trump Hate


Well, there you have it, folks. We can close all the polls early, because the true winners of this election are the "I'm Woof Her" dogs. And, y'know, the American people, for surviving the most insane election that ever electioned.

Don't forget to get out today and vote!