Why Twitter Is Voting Regina George For President

On Nov. 8, 2016, many Americans will make a decision that will decide the future of the country. On this day, many people took their Twitter to show their support for a tyrant who runs platform of excluding others, secretly making offensive remarks about those beneath them, and insisting that we wear pink on Wednesdays. That's right, many Twitter users are encouraging others to vote Regina George in the 2016 election. No, Regina George is not a fringe candidate — she's actually the queen bee in Mean Girls, so why is she trending on Twitter on Election Day?

Many users on Twitter are dealing with very real election anxiety by likening the monumental U.S. vote to the prom from Mean Girls that pitted Regina George against Cady Heron. The prom happens after an agrument between Cady and Regina that ends with Regina on the recieving end of a bus crash. Two passionate voters are seen writing their prom queen ballots, one for Regina George because "she got hit by that bus" and one voting for Cady Heron because "she pushed her." Even in Mean Girls, it seems, the vote is contentious.

In the end of the movie, Cady Heron wins and distributes peices of the broken crown to the other candidates and the rest of the promgoers — which is not an option in the presidential election, as only one of the candidates will be sitting in the Oval Office come 2017.

While neither of the real presidential candidates has been pushed in front of or hit by a bus (though one could argue that the Access Hollywood bus figuratively hit Trump's campaign), this election has been, at its worst, just as vicious as Regina George's burn book.

Image: Paramount