"Pantsuit Nation" Stories About Voting For Hillary Clinton Offer A Home Stretch Election Boost

In an election year sometimes characterized by mind-boggling sexism, this Facebook group won't take it anymore. The Pantsuit Nation Facebook page, a private group for Hillary Clinton supporters, is overflowing on Election Day with stories of women overcoming health problems to vote, bringing their little girls with them, and even breastfeeding at the polls. The group was originally created to encourage supporters to wear pantsuits in Clinton's honor on Election Day, but the voting for Clinton stories on Pantsuit Nation are even more meaningful.

The group currently has around 2 million members, thousands of which were added Tuesday for the election. Much of the Facebook page is taken up with pictures of women showing off their pantsuits and themed suffragist outfits, but on Election Day, Clinton supporters also began to share moving stories of their experiences at the ballot box. These members join legions of voters who have already taken to the internet to show their pride about their votes, as well as detailed news coverage of the many female voters who were born before women had the right to vote.

Glamour magazine reached out to some of the members of Pantsuit Nation to share their stories. One woman wrote about how her 94-year-old grandmother filed an absentee ballot for Clinton as she lay dying. "She cast her vote using 1/8 of her waking hours left on earth," the woman noted because "it was important to her to vote for our first female president."


Another member shared with Glamour a photo of herself in a pantsuit with her wife on their wedding day, writing "#imwithher because I know she will fight to keep my marriage legally recognized and respected." The poster also added "#imwithher because I want to see women get equal pay for equal work and because even as a gun owner, I still believe in stricter gun control."

Yet another woman wrote about how she joined Pantsuit Nation because she wanted to share her young daughter's enthusiasm for Clinton with other people. "I knew the members of the page would appreciate her story without fear of judgment or negative comments from those who just don't get how excited we all are about voting for Hillary."

Ultimately, no matter what happens on Tuesday night, Clinton's historic candidacy resonated with millions of American women and gave hope to millions of American daughters that they, too, could one day grow up to be president.