President & Clinton Streets Intersect In Brooklyn, & Voters Are Flocking There

In the Brooklyn neighborhood Carroll Gardens, President Street and Clinton Street intersect, resulting in a perfect street sign for Hillary Clinton supporters to take selfies in front of. The unassuming spot was visited by an endless amount of Clinton voters throughout Election Day on Tuesday. Those who shared photos of the scene on social media all seemed to share a hopeful tone, almost as if the existence of the intersection was a good omen, or as if the two street signs were over-sized good luck charms. The types of people who visited ranged from young and old, male and female, black and white.

But the intersection wasn't just a good spot for taking pictures — it will also be the site of a celebratory block party in Clinton's honor on Tuesday night. The party was planned by documentary filmmaker Amanda Zinoman, and by the afternoon of Nov. 8, over 450 people had RSVP'd through the event's Facebook page. Zinoman had to obtain a permit from the NYPD in order to have the necessary streets blocked off from traffic. Explaining her reasoning behind the party, she said, "It's time for a woman. Enough already. I just think it will be a better government with more women in it."

Another supporter also left a bouquet of white flowers tied around the intersection's street pole. Others who stopped by throughout the day took pictures with their "I Voted" stickers or Clinton-themed buttons and accessories.

Check out a few of the videos and pictures these supporters have shared on Twitter.

1. Two Men Laugh As They Walk By

Seems like they're definitely in a great mood.

2. Get Out The Vote

Despite being in the heavily Democratic state of New York, this Clinton voter still realized how important it was to remind others to vote.

3. Roses For Hillary

It almost feels like a place for an HRC voter to make a pilgrimage.

4. Partayy

No insecurity about a Trump win to be found.

5. Ok, The Signs Are Overwhelming

Close to the President & Clinton intersection, there is also the Clinton & Kane intersection. And alright, even though her VP's name is spelled Kaine, this is still pretty spooky. These street signs might be prophecies.

Should Clinton win, this little area in Brooklyn should be one of the coolest places to spend the night.