When Does 'Better Things' Season 2 Premiere? Here Are Some Similar Shows To Watch While You Wait

Pamela Adlon may not be a household name, but she has certainly made a case for why she should be one. After spending years as Louis C.K.'s creative partner on the FX standout show Louie, Pamela Adlon debuted her own show, Better Things on FX. The first season of Better Things covers motherhood, gender roles, and the film and television industries, among other topics, and it will go on to cover more in its second season. Better Things got a second season order from FX, alongside fellow freshman auteur series Atlanta, promising more episodes of Sam balancing motherhood with work and life and everything in-between. So now the question isn't if Season 2 will happen, but when will Season 2 of Better Things premiere?

Better Things Season 2 has yet to be given an official premiere date, but it could follow suit to Season 1 and begin in September. And, even if we don't know for awhile, there is still plenty of TV to watch between the Season 1 finale and the eventual premiere of Season 2. Pamela Adlon is one of many women taking up the mantle of star and showrunner of a comedy, and there are many other female-auteur driven comedies to dive into while Adlon and company work on Season 2. Here are just a few series to help quench your Better Things thirst.

Lady Dynamite

Netflix's Lady Dynamite is similar to Better Things — both cover women trying to work as actors in the entertainment industry — but Maria Bamford's series takes a much goofier approach than Adlon's. They're two series that are different in tone, but compliment each other by covering similar topics from different points of view.


The new Amazon series by comedian Phoebe Waller-Bridge, balances tone and humor in a fashion reminiscent of Better Things. While their is humor in the series, all of the jokes are grounded in very realistic situations and honest performances. Also like Better Things, it's currently only one season in — and a fairly short season at that — and can be easily marathoned during a free afternoon.

One Mississippi

The most prominant theme in Better Things is motherhood, but it's not just about main character Sam being a mother — it's also about having a mother. One Mississippi, by famed comedian Tig Notaro, isn't about having a mother as much as it is about not having a mother anymore. Another comedy that balances the lightness of humor with the darkest parts of real life, One Mississippi follows Tig as she tries to cope with the loss of her mother during a trip home.

One of Better Things' greatest accomplishments is its effortless mixture of light and dark that so many comedies try (and often fail) to do. Adlon is incredibly adept at writing, and, while there are plenty of similar series available for streaming, there truly won't be a substitute for Better Things' first season until Season 2 is released — hopefully sooner rather than later.

Image: Jessica Brooks/FX