These Stores Are Giving Out Free "I Voted" Pins

Voting is about so much more than free swag, but hey, there's nothing better than rocking the vote, and then getting some pretty awesome stuff to go along it. There are several retailers getting in on the action and handing out free “I Voted” gear to help you celebrate your status as a fashionable American who did their civic duty this Election Day.

For example, you can head into your local Urban Outfitters store and walk away with a free "I Voted" pin. This is a great option if for some reason your polling location isn't handing out stickers, or say, you mailed in your ballot. I personally decided to stop in and get one for myself because it just doesn’t get more 2016 than hitting up the polls and having a super trendy pin to show it off. The pins weren’t out in plain site, so I did have to ask for one, but once I did, there were three different options to choose from. Take my word for it, if you head into your local UO on Nov. 8, you’ll probably be able to leave with an incredibly cool pin on your lapel in honor of Election Day.

UO isn’t the only location doing special promos like this either. According to the LA Times, you can cop a free pin at Foot Locker. Anthropologie is offering 30 percent off all sweater purchases when you shop in store and online in honor of casting your ballot. Be sure to vote and then shop. Because voting’s going to make you feel pretty amazing, but shopping makes everything better!

Getting one of these means you voted and you know just how to show it off. Who's the cool kid now?

Show off your voting sticker, and you'll be able to get one of these sweet pins.

I can't think of a better way to show off your voter style.

You can even find free print-offs online if you don't leave with an "I Voted" sticker once your vote's been counted. When it comes to proudly wearing this slogan, where there's a will, there's a way!

This is one hot ticket item, for sure! So don't miss out!

Image: urbanoutfitters/Instagram (1)