What Does Kylie Jenner's "TRAWW" Necklace Mean? It's A Very Personal Accessory

Kylie Jenner may be showing her support for the democratic process on her Snapchat today, but she's also showing support of someone special in her life. On Instagram, Jenner's TRAWW necklace caught fans' attention due to it's somewhat mysterious meaning. Of course, serious fans of Jenner's may recognize the name, but others may be wondering what TRAWW is. As it turns out, Jenner is simply being support of her boyfriend Tyga.

Not all fans of Jenner transfer their fandom to her boyfriend Tyga as well. That means fans of just Jenner may not know that TRAWW is actually Tyga's nickname. In fact, it's both his Twitter and Instagram handles. Plus, it's the name of his shoe range with footwear brand L.A. Gear. Jenner's necklace seems to simply be a shoutout to her boyfriend, and while the necklace may bear Tyga's nickname, the accessory itself is definitely her style.

Neither Jenner nor Tyga have gone into detail about whether or not the TRAWW choker is a sign of things to come, but considering that the rapper has his own clothing line — Last Kings Co —, there's always the chance that the necklace could become a new product in his women's section. While my guess is that the necklace was made specifically for Jenner, you never really know.

This isn't the first time that Jenner has rocked a Tyga-related accessory, either. While the TRAWW choker is incredibly overt, her promise ring from the rapper is another piece of jewelry that Jenner sports showing that the pair's sometimes on-again, off-again relationship is definitely on-again and potentially for good this time. In fact, it seems like Jenner wanted to be sure to include the stunning oval-shaped diamond in the photo with her new necklace.

Rumors ran rampant after Jenner first debuted the ring in a subtle image posted to her Instagram. Fans, however, weren't that surprised about her coyness. Jenner is a pro at creating major news without a word. A few weeks after her initial Instagram with the ring, though, Jenner admitted that it was, in fact, a promise ring, not an engagement ring.

As for the TRAWW necklace, it doesn't seem to be quite as meaningful a that massive ring. However, it is a sweet show of support for her boyfriend. Plus, the design is delicate and the choker length is totally on trend. Of course, no one would expect anything less from Jenner. The youngest Jenner is always on trend. This time, it just happens to be personal, too.