Donald Trump's Website Got Some Hilarious Updates Thanks To A Glitch

Everybody is tense as Election Day is coming to a close. There are a handful of ways to take a load off during this extremely intense time, but who knew a glitch on Donald Trump's website would be one of them? Yes, you read correctly. For a brief period on Tuesday evening, internet users were able to toy with Trump's website by altering the web URL. Doing so created a banner with their own words that would appear on the site. It got interesting. It got weird. It got hilarious.

Sadly, Trump's people caught on way too quickly and solved the issue before more of America's upright citizens were able to have their fun. Thankfully, god gave the world Twitter and these fan-generated banners are frozen in time for all of eternity, regardless of Tuesday's outcome. America may be divided in many ways, but it seems the country is united in its humor. And its immaturity.

Regardless of political affiliation, whether you're #WithHer or Team Trump, these made-up banners will definitely liven the mood and make you laugh. I think everyone could use that right about now. Here are some of the best.

1. This Classic And Necessary Creation

Not the most creative, but A+ for getting to the point and being hilarious.

2. This One I Will Hang On My Wall Tonight

I'm so immature, and I don't even care. Can this internet user be elected next go around?

3. The Party Pooper

Every party's gotta have one.

4. This Collection Of The Truest Truth Tea

This person got excited. I am judgement-free.

5. One From A Future Nostradamus

So confident and concise.

6. A Gift From This Clever Cat


7. This True Masterpiece

For the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

Trump has the budget to keep up with his account, but sometimes the struggle has no explanation.