Here's Who Baked The Trump Cake

Election night is stressful for us all, so any moment of levity is much appreciated. This is when social media is at its best, creating and sharing memes so that everyone can laugh together. One of the silliest things to come out of the evening's events is a cake of Donald Trump's head that kind of looks like he's already given up on this whole ordeal. Who made the Trump cake? Memes aside, it's a pretty spectacular piece of baking. The detail is incredible!

According to the Boston Globe, the cake was baked by Melissa Alt, who is based in New Jersey. According to her website, she interned with the Cake Boss and studied painting and sculpture at Pratt Institute. Cake is just another medium to her, like clay or canvas. Her desserts often mimic famous works of art, from Klimt to Monet and even Eric Carle. She also made a cake inspired by the Love Lock Bridge in Paris. The Trump cake design is representative of her artistic style. This particular cake's expression may have inspired a lot of jokes on Twitter, but each of her cakes is truly a work of delicious art. Here Alt is, standing next to her latest creation.

According to Market Watch, it was not commissioned by the candidate and was initially removed by security for inspection, but has reportedly returned to Trump Headquarters. Alt actually made cakes for both presidential candidates. According to the Boston Globe, it took 50 hours to complete both cakes. Neither of them looks particularly happy or victorious, to be honest. Here the two cakes are, side by side.

Say whatever you want, these are both impressive works of art from a young female entrepreneur, and that has my vote!