Everyone Wants To Know Where Anderson Cooper Is

America's favorite silver fox and moderator extraordinaire Anderson Cooper is laying low on Election Day, but only on certain screens. While many celebrities are taking to Twitter and Instagram to be vocal on Election Day, he is remaining pretty quiet. So the question remains: where is Cooper on Election Night?

The Anderson Cooper 360° host has unsurprisingly been a big influence during the 2016 election. He gave expert "hush"es while moderating the second round of the presidential debates. Most recently, he got into a heated, on-air exchange with Donald Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway over Hillary Clinton's email scandal and the FBI investigation. He's been silent on Twitter since Nov. 3, when he responded to Conway over the internet hate she'd been receiving since their debate.

If you speculated that the anchor would be at his home away from home, known as CNN, you deserve a gold star, my friends. The reporter is doing what he does best on Election Night: moderating a panel of political commentators. Meanwhile, his colleague Wolf Blitzer is announcing the votes. As tense as the 2016 election is, and as involved as Cooper continues to be, he still remains as unbiased as possible. That doesn't change his work ethic, though. Here's a photo he posted on Election Night from the CNN studio:

But, if you're wondering which candidate Cooper sees more fit for the presidency, you'll be wondering for a long time. Regardless of his recent on-air incident, he insists he doesn't vote. In an interview with Howard Stern in April, the anchor admitted he stays out of the process due to his job. “I don’t think reporters should vote,” he said. Understandable, but I could definitely use some Cooper to liven up this tense night. And I'm not alone.

Keep watching CNN, guys. We all need more Cooper.