Chris Harrison’s Election Tweet Is Meant To Be Funny, But Dude, It’s Too Much Right Now

Oh, Chris Harrison. How I love thee hosting abilities. But how I rage at your election night tweet! On Tuesday night, while everyone was losing their damn minds watching TV and looking at tweets and saying the word "projections" far more often than usual, Chris Harrison wrote an election tweet that, while accurate, was just too much right now.

The Bachelor host wrote, "You guys thought I was kidding when I said this is the most dramatic election ever! I never kid about drama."

Yeah, Chris, we know your thing on the show is saying, "It's the most dramatic [Rose Ceremony/Finale/Fantasy Suite/Premiere/Hot Tub Canoodling] in [Bachelor/ette/In Paradise] history," but, come on! Now is not the time. We are stressed the eff out, and while I want to laugh at The Bachelor jokes (I always do), the fact that this election is so close is freaky. And also, a really big deal because of what the fact that it's so close means for this country and the people in it. I mean, I might not even make it to another Bachelor episode. Does it air in Canada? Can I reasonably move to Canada? How does that even work? See, Chris, you're stressing me out.

The novelist (yes, the novelist), had previously joked about it being the "most dramatic election ever":

And, really, that tweet was pretty funny... earlier in the day. Now, everyone is in panic mode and can't even deal with that. I say that Harrison should start just posting all of the old seasons of The Bachelor on his Twitter feed instead. They will help calm people. After all, I'd much rather be forced to decide between Robby and Jordan, than watch the country not be able to decide between Trump and Clinton.