Kristen Bell Uses 'Frozen' To Try To Make Everyone Feel Better On Election Night

Election night 2016 was much more tense than most Americans expected. And while many turned to watch parties with friends, copious baked goods, or booze to distract themselves, the shocking results showing Donald Trump in the lead over Hillary Clinton made this evening a very difficult one. Frozen fans may have gotten a smile while they were frantically refreshing their Twitter feeds. Kristen Bell, who plays Anna in the Disney animated movie, chimed into the fray to offer a familiar offer of comfort and familiarity. Between tweets about an apparent victory for misogyny, racism, and xenophoabia, Kristen Bell asked her followers if they wanted to build a snowman.

If you've seen the movie Frozen, then you know just how emotional that plea is. Anna loses the attention of her older sister Elsa, after Elsa's powers cause little Anna to get hurt. Years pass in the course of one song, in which Anna presses Elsa throughout the years to come out and be her playmate again. She sits outside her sister's door and offers her companionship and fun, but Elsa doesn't think she deserves it.

It was the perfect reference for the night: funny, but also full of meaning. America definitely needed a diversion from the onslaught of depressing cable news and a reminder that whatever happens, life will still be out there tomorrow.