Tell Bustle Why #WeAreTogether & Honor Both Hillary Clinton & The Powerful Women In Your Life

Tuesday night was heartbreaking for many voters. The results of the presidential election took so many of us by surprise, leaving us in what feels like a permanent state of shock and disappointment. To learn that Donald Trump will likely be our president-elect, while Hillary Clinton — a candidate whose views stand in stark contrast to the Republican's — will likely lose the nomination is simply unfathomable, and many are still reeling from the news. Yet, while the 2016 election might be nearly over, the fight against discrimination, bigotry, and sexism is not. It's crucial that we stand up for our rights and show our support for one another now, and tell the world why #WeAreTogether despite the awfulness of the presidential campaign and the man who's been elected our new Commander-in-Chief.

In a few words or a few paragraphs, Bustle is encouraging readers to speak out about the people they love and support, those who have made them who they are, have stood by them during this draining election cycle, and who will continue to stand by them as they deal with a possible Trump presidency. To participate, use the #WeAreTogether hashtag when posting your statement on social media, and see just how many other people are doing the same, naming the humans in their lives who've offered them a hand — or just a shoulder to lean on — while dealing with the tribulations of being a woman, person of color, or LGBTQ+ individual in this world, and during this election. Take this emotional night and the days afterwards to honor the people who love you, care for you, or just simply inspire you.

Need some inspiration for what to share? Here are a few Bustle staffers' own #WeAreTogether statements.

Sam, 24

The election results are devastating, but as they poured in, I was lifted up by the powerful women who I work with every day. To everyone at Bustle (with a special shoutout to Kate Ward and Lindsay Mannering), thank you for inspiring me to be a more informed citizen, a more outspoken voter, a better writer, and more confident in my abilities as a woman. Donald Trump and many of his supporters may want to push women down and relegate us to sex objects, but as long as there are women like you leading the charge to speak up for equality and empowerment, there is hope. President or not, I'll always look up to Hillary Clinton for working to support others, and I'll always look up to you for the same reason. #WeAreTogether

Martha, 24

Rachel, 23

To the women out there who are just as heartbroken and hurt and in disbelief as I am: we'll get through this. It'll be hard, and painful, but we will come out of this stronger and more unified than ever before. And to Hillary Clinton: we are with you, more passionate and prouder than ever. You've inspired us - and the millions of girls too young to cast their votes, but old enough to dream of being president someday - more than you could ever know. #WeAreTogether

Rosanne, 29

Jordan, 26

Hey Bustle. Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for employing me. For paying me what I deserve. For treating all of us the same — no matter who we love, what we look like, how we identify ourselves, or what we believe in. Your love and acceptance and crazy kind belief are an example of the America I believe in. Hey Trish Rubin and Mike Rubin. Thanks for making me your kid and raising me with an open mind. You are so often my sanity. You taught me to love people, to respect them, and to believe the best in this world. You taught me to put my hand to it when things are hard and to fight like hell for myself and for people who need help. I love you guys. I'm so proud I'm your kid. In a world that seems topsy-turvy, I'm going to focus on things like that. On the people I see who make me believe that there is good and on the future that is closer than I think. You're weird and crazy, world, but you're gonna grow up one day. #WeAreTogether

Hayley, 26

Kara, 26

Kate, 31

Tanya, 25


Jamie, 25

No matter what things are happening in our country right now, there’s a group of people who make my world instantly better — and they prove that love really does trump hate. Especially my family — from my parents, to my sisters, to my mom-mom (who's the biggest feminist with the biggest heart). On top of that, I’m lucky to have a handful of best friends that inspire me on a daily basis. #WeAreTogether


Olivia, 25

Allison, 24

Abbey, 23

I'm shocked and disgusted and sad. I'm here for anyone who wants to talk or needs a hug. All of you are important and loved. #WeAreTogether

Carrie, 23



Lindsay, 34

Lexi, 23

Kelsea, 29

Hannah, 21

Elizabeth, 27

Zahra, 30

Leah, 27

Melissa, 29


Today was dark and hard, but I've been leaning on my communities -- new and old -- all day, and they remind me that we are surrounded by people who are good and who love us and #wearetogether. My family: my sister and I were raised by parents who told us we could do anything and be anything -- being a woman was never a boundary in our minds. Joe, who was raised similarly, and is nothing less than supportive all of the time and is my #1 career cheerleader. My education: CS taught me about a safe space, about learning for the sake of learning, and tied me to people in one of the strongest and most unique bonds I know. Skidmore expanded my mind and compassion more than I could have expected, and also gave me the most inspirational group of friends. And my newest community, Bustle -- I'm so lucky to be able to work at a place that not only shares my values, but rests its mission upon those values. I'm lucky to be able to come to work today and every day and be able to lean on this smart, thoughtful, empathetic group of women and men. This is a time for your communities -- whoever they are, wherever they are, they probably need you just as much as you need them.