Katy Perry's "Revolution" Tweet Is So Important

Following the presidential election results on Tuesday has been tough for supporters of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Republican candidate Donald Trump has had a lead in both popular and electoral votes throughout the night, but the race has not been called in his favor just yet. There are still many votes to be counted — and Clinton supporter Katy Perry seems to have a similarly optimistic attitude. As the results continued to roll in, Perry tweeted, "The revolution is coming," and it shows the right approach everyone should have when they feel defeated and hopeless.

Adding emphasis, Perry wrote the tweet in all caps on Twitter late Tuesday night (or early Wednesday, depending on your time zone). At the time, while Trump had a lead over Clinton in electoral and popular vote. Her message isn't necessarily about a literal revolution, but a message of hope and optimism. Although her candidate of choice does not seem to be winning, Perry's tweet shows she recognizes that these election results prove that there is still so much work to do, and Clinton supporters cannot wallow in sadness or fear. That tweet of a four-word sentence shows that the singer is looking toward the future — and perhaps Clinton supporters should as well. Right now, it may seem bleak, but tomorrow is another day.

Throughout the entire campaign, Perry has been an ardent and vocal supporter of Clinton. She even performed at the Democratic National Convention earlier in the year, and has often shared her enthusiasm for the candidate's platform on social media. And although Clinton's vote count may be behind at the moment, Perry isn't letting herself be defeated or sad. Her "revolution" is about keeping the faith and staying hopeful for the future.

It's an approach that everyone should adopt for any situations — not just major presidential elections. But in these moments, it certainly helps.