'HIMYM' Kind of Forgot An Important Character

With so much focus on Robin and the (still!) nameless Mother, it's easy for How I Met Your Mother fans to forget about Ted's other love interests. There have been many over the years, some more memorable than others, and with the March 17 episode "Gary Blauman," viewers finally found out what happened to Ted's exes and other secondary characters. But it seems the show itself forgot a few people and one very important character in particular, leading us to wonder, what ever happened to Victoria?

The last time we saw Victoria was this season's "Sunrise," when Ted and Robin list his five best and worst girlfriends. Robin puts Victoria at the top of the list and we find out that in his quest to find Robin's locket, Ted needed to have Victoria overnight ship it from Germany. He also reveals to Robin that she was the reason he and Victoria broke up for the second time.

But a one-minute phone call from Germany isn't the same thing as knowing Victoria's future. In "Gary Blauman" it's revealed that crazy Jeanette ended up with her therapist, who happened to be Robin's ex Kevin, while Zoey kept fighting for the causes she believes in and Blah Blah's name is actually Carol. We already knew that Stella moved to Los Angeles to live happily ever after with Tony and their daughter (and got a brief glimpse at her in "Sunrise" too).

And yet we have no idea what happened to Victoria, except that she somehow ended up in Germany again. It's strange, because when you think about, she's the most important of Ted's exes. They dated in HIMYM's first season, Victoria left her fiancee for Ted at the end of the seventh and they kept the relationship going through the beginning of Season 8. The show's creators even said that Victoria was the "backup mother," she would've been the mother if the show had been cancelled too soon to introduce someone else.

Even though she's not actually the mother, fans still want to know where she ended up. Here are a few theories:

She and Klaus Settled

Victoria left Klaus at the altar for Ted, or so she thought. It turned out that he was on his way out of the church too, because while he loved Victoria, he didn't think she was the one. Maybe Klaus never found "the one," so he and Victoria were like "screw it, let's get married." Not the best love story, but hey, not everyone can have one so epic it takes nine years to explain it to their children.

She Pulled a Robin

Maybe Victoria and Klaus had a close, mutual friend who she fell in love with one day and that's why she went back to Germany. Now she'll marry this friend, Klaus will be his best man and hours before the wedding she'll have doubts and want to marry Klaus, only to change her mind back and go through with it. And they all lived awkwardly ever after.

She'll Get with Ted when Robin Dies

There are a ton of theories about the mother dying in the future, prompting Ted to tell their kids this story. Then there's the theory that Barney will die, or that they'll both die and Ted and Robin will end up together. Why not take it a step further and have Robin die too? Then there's nothing in the way of Ted and Victoria ending up together. Maybe it was a freak accident or a contagious, deadly virus. Who knows, the finale could get really dark and reveal that Victoria engineered the whole thing.

She's a Runaway Bride Coordinator

Considering all of the things that almost went wrong, Victoria got pretty lucky when she fled her wedding. She made Ted do all the dirty work and ended on such good terms with her fiancee that he ended up staying with her and Ted until he got back on his feet. Why not share that wisdom to other doubtful women? Her cover as a baker is perfect. She can make wedding cakes and when she senses a bride's hesitation, charge them a hefty fee to help them bail. Good thing she wasn't around when Robin got cold feet.

She'll Be Back

We've only spent nine years waiting for Ted to meet the mother, so I wouldn't put it past HIMYM to throw all sorts of distractions false leads into the final episode before letting the title of the show actually happen. Victoria could show up to stop Ted from messing up Robin's wedding or try to get him back since Robin is off the market. HIMYM has plenty of experience in making us wait for it, don't be surprised if Victoria is the latest stall.

Images: CBS