Memes About Donald Trump’s Win That Aren't Funny, Because America Has A Lot Of Work To Do

Election night was, well, incredibly stressful. And even more anxiety-inducing than watching the polls? Now dealing with the fact that Donald Trump was elected president. If the future seems bleak AF right now, know that you're not alone. But you're also not doomed. You may be feeling angry, sad, and asking yourself a million "what ifs" and "WTFs". And while that's totally normal, it's important to put things in perspective, too — for your own well-being.

"Many times, anxiety is code for fear: fear of not being in control, fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of feeling scared etc," Kelsey Patel, a life coach, meditation expert and intuitive healer, tells Bustle. "All of these feelings are normal and the best advice I have for people who have extreme stress and fear during this time is to breathe and to allow themselves to look a little deeper into their hearts and give themselves permission to trust the journey. While I know it’s not always easy, I remind my clients that it’s OK to feel scared and to trust the process all at once. And, that whatever change is brought forward might be the change that is needed for the highest good of all. I remind them to trust that they're part of this time period, this election, this year for a reason and that wherever we are divided, it is simply an opportunity for us to unite. To trust that, even though they may be terrified of any given outcome, there is a deeper place within each of us that is capable of letting go, allowing change and opening to more love."

While laughter is often a great cure, because you're probably still coming to terms with the fact that this is reality (somehow), here are some memes that remind us America has got some work to do.

1. Oh. Where Was It?

2. Wow, That Is Some Compliment

3. Please Don't Remind Me

4. "Liberated" Probably Isn't The Word I'd Use

5. No Thank You Please

6. Halp

Images: Mary Blount/Bustle