Slammed By Taco Bell's President!

Oh, Biebs. The waffle taco has shunned you. In a Reddit AMA, in honor the launch of the new breakfast item menu, Brian Niccol, the president of Taco Bell , slammed Justin Bieber. Hard. In fact, he suggested that he go all the way back to Canada.

How did this glorious, LOL-worthy tidbit of information come about? A waffle taco-craving Canadian Redditor wanted to know when Taco Bell would bring the new breakfast items to Canada. The Redditor asked:

Only to America? When is this coming to Canada?

Nicco's response was rather... conditional, shall we say? He answered:

When you take Justin Bieber back!

HA. When Taco Bell's president publicly mocks you, you know that you represent the nadir of all things culture.

Unfortunately for Canadians, it looks like they're going to have to curb their waffle taco cravings for some time, as Bieber is apparently not moving back to is homeland; he's staying put. (Well, not exactly — he's leaving L.A. for Atlanta, so he can be in the dirrrrty south.) If they're really hungry, they may very well have to sojourn to the States for some tacos of the waffle variety.

Another option for the hungry Canadians? They can start an uprising (YEAH!) to send Bieber back to Canada, all for the love (or hate) of the waffle taco. But the question remains: if they get Bieber back (and their promised waffle tacos)... will they still want to stay in Canada?