Hillary Clinton's Concession Speech Inspired Many

Following an exhausting, white-knuckle election day for both parties, Donald Trump was announced as the president-elect of the United States of America. The final tally stretched into the wee hours of the night, and at around 2 a.m., Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chair John Podesta said that the democratic nominee would not yet concede. Instead, she addressed supporters during a mid-morning speech on Wednesday from the New Yorker hotel. Understandably, social media had a lot to say, and the reactions to Hillary Clinton’s concession speech ranged from disheartened to empowered.

Trump’s win was shocking for many, as polls had pegged Clinton near unanimously as the sure-fire winner. As the results rolled in, however, reality began to sink in, and Clinton supporters reluctantly came to grips with Trump winning the election. Now, much of the world is focusing on the future and how we can work together to achieve change, regardless of political affiliation. Clinton’s speech reflected that, as did the responses that followed. While SNL star Leslie Jones likened the blow to losing a big game, comedian Patton Oswalt felt moved to continue the fight he believed Clinton laid out in her campaign, and at least one woman knew the future first female president was watching and plotting.

Several Praised Clinton's Strength During A Trying Time

After a loss no one expected and many decried, Clinton stayed poised in the face of defeat.

Others Were Still Mourning

Only hours after the election was officially called, the news is still fresh, and Clinton's speech only reminded her supporters of what they lost.

Many Focused On Strength And The Future

Even though Clinton won't be the first woman in the White House, her backers are still championing her platform for change.

A Couple People Turned To Comedy

As the age old saying goes, sometimes laughter is the best medicine. (And when your next president is a former reality star, that's really the best you've got).

Some Refused To Give Up

The force behind Clinton's advocates was so fierce that #StillWithHer and #NotMyPresident began trending on Twitter.

And Even More Tried Their Hardest To Look On The Bright Side

As voters gradually overcame their heartache, they tried to find the silver lining.