'Parks And Recreation' Co-Creator Michael Schur Understands Our Post-Election Feels

After staring into space in absolute horror for a good, solid hour on Tuesday night following the emotion splintering election results, I briefly found comfort in thinking "What would Leslie Knope do?" So it makes complete sense that Michael Schur, the Parks And Recreation co-creator, provided the perfect election response via Twitter on Wednesday — and it's one that I'm sure we can all relate to. In a series of 28 powerful tweets about Trump being elected president, and his opinions on American politics and society, Schur perfectly and eloquently listed everything that my heart and mind (and maybe yours too) are currently screaming.

Posting under the moniker of Ken Tremendous, Schur first declared that he'd be taking a "post-election Twitter break" (something which we could maybe all benefit from, ourselves) before continuing a dynamic and damning political thread. As well as stating that "America, in it's collective wisdom, has elected a vain, violent, ignorant, sexist bully as our President", Schur also went on to point his finger at what he believes are the specific reasons to blame for Trump becoming president-elect.

You can read his entire Twitter thread on the subject here, and it pretty much goes without saying that I highly recommend it. Schur's words provide a succinct yet elaborate set of statements that reflect what many disappointed American voters are currently feeling. As the creator of what is possibly the most uplifting show about politics ever made, Schur's sentiments are also a timely reminder that, hey, maybe we all need to cheer ourselves up with a gargantuan marathon watch of Parks And Recreation.

With that in mind, here's a little reminder that the gang of Parks And Recreation definitely understand every one of your complex feelings over the current political situation America finds itself in.

1. When Your Reaction To Politics Is A Completely Balanced, Proportionate Response


This is exactly how I felt at stage one of hearing the election results, and, no, I wasn't being too dramatic, Mom.

2. When You Manage To Reason Some Sense Out Of A Terrible Result


Incidentally, this sentence also works as an easy, quick comeback to pro-Trump sexists with a lot to say about female Presidential candidates, in general.

3. Oh, Except For This Gem Of A Statement, Too


Oh, Leslie Knope — you beautiful, tropical fish.

4. When You Discover The Healing Properties Of A Well-Timed Glass Of Wine

I don't want to come off as being hysterically pro-hooch or anything, but, sweet mercy, I have no idea how I would have survived the final hour of election coverage without having a steel grip on my constantly refilling wine glass.

5. When You Manage To Stay Positive Amidst All Of The Devastation


There's still a lot of positives to cling to, folks, and a great deal worth fighting for.

6. When You Discover That A Parent Voted Very "Differently" To How You Did


And you're both completely freaking out, but trying to remain utterly calm at the same time.

7. When You Realize How Important It Is To Reach Out To Your Besties And Support One Another Right Now


We're stronger together, ladies — now let's get in formation.

8. And You Realize That It's Time To Remind All Of Your Favorite Women Exactly Why That Is


Uh, for real. This is essential stuff right now. Share that love, people.

9. When Hillary Clinton's Concession Speech Made You Cry (But You Still Kind Of Wish She'd Gone For The Knope Approach)


And, yes, she should have made it while in lounge wear and eating a burger. Because that's exactly how I watched it.

10. When You Went To Work And Promised Yourself You Wouldn't Get Upset But 10 Minutes In And It's Happening


There's absolutely no shame in giving yourself a day off to indulge in some urgent self-care and recuperation away from the office.

11. But Then You Find Inner Peace From Your Personal Strengths


And rediscover the strength to be the fierce woman your country dearly needs right now. I salute you, ladies.

It's time like these that I wish that Parks And Recreation never ended, you guys. I mean, obviously, I always hoped that it would just go on and on forever like an eternal rainbow of joy, but alas, in such turbulent political times we need Knope (and Schur) more than ever.

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