Luke's Diner Still Bans Cellphones, Making This 'Gilmore Girls' Character More Anti-Technology Than Ever — PHOTO

It is the best of times, and it is the worst of times. The month of November can now safely be summed up this way. With the ushering in of a new president-elect, the country is feeling pretty bleak in the wake of Donald Trump’s resounding victory over Hillary Clinton. But some of us are still trying to take comfort in the fact that the Gilmore Girls revival premieres at the end of the month. So when the GG Instagram page interrupted Election Day coverage to reveal the latest photo from the new episodes, I decided to focus on that instead. Especially since the image involved a reference to Jess and the time he stole a garden gnome. But that wasn’t the only thing worth noting. There was also a new list posted on the wall behind Jess’ bag. A new list that proves that Luke’s Diner is just as anti-technology as ever. Because in these modern times, his list needed to be updated.

Long gone are the days of Luke’s sole nemesis being people taking calls on their cell phones. Now, he has laptops and smartphones and photo-sharing apps to fight against. And because of those recent tech developments, it looks like Luke had to majorly update what he would and wouldn’t accept within the four walls of his diner.

And trust me, the list is a lot longer than it used to be.

To accommodate all of the technological advances that have come since we last visited Luke’s Diner in 2007, the list has gotten longer. Now instead of only banning cell phones, the sign calls out some of Luke’s biggest offenders. Forbidden from his diner these days are “taking pictures of food.” Another thing that is driving Luke crazy about the modern world? The need for headphones. At the bottom of the list, the words, “If I can hear your music through your headphones, why are you wearing headphones?” can be made out.

Clearly Luke is just as grumpy as he ever was. Only these days, there is so much more for him to be grumpy about. I can't wait until the actual revival airs, so I can get a closer look at that sign.

Image: Netflix