These 'Gilmore Girls' Moments Make It Pretty Darn Hard To Be Team Luke

From the looks of the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life trailer, Luke (Scott Patterson) and Lorelai (Lauren Graham) may be experiencing a bit of a rough patch. In the series finale, fireworks exploded between them, and Patterson also claims the two will experience the same thing (maybe even hotter) in the upcoming revival. However, Lorelai delivers a lukewarm, "Luke and I are ... happy," in the trailer, so I'm not sure I'm totally convinced it'll be as red hot as Lorelai and Luke shippers are hoping. It could be rocky road for them in Stars Hollow, and honestly, it may not be the worst thing in the world. After all, in the original series, there were moments that make it hard to be Team Luke.

Yes, this is the couple everyone's been rooting for for years. (Move it along, Kimye.) After so many romantic gestures, there's no denying Luke has been good to Lorelai. Sure, he built her an ice-skating rink and bought her the house of her dreams, but do not be blinded by such actions. Luke has definitely messed up in his day. People, such as myself, don't forget. He was grumpy, jealous, and sometimes he stepped out of his lane. Old habits do die hard, which is why these moments make it hard to totally cheer Luke on in A Year in the Life — and life in general.

1. He Was A Low-key Food-shamer

Every time Lorelai ordered something from Luke's, even if just a coffee, he had some sort of snarky remark. What's your damage, dude? And you do not — I repeat, do not — shame the queen of junk food. Even in the GG: A Year in the Life trailer, he denies Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Lorelai of deliciousness, like tater tots and frosted donuts. Lorelai needs a man who will be delivering Chinese food and pizza to her on the reg. Just saying.

2. He Got All Weird About Breastfeeding One Time

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Yes, Luke was always like a father figure to Rory. He was there for her no matter what and helped her every time she needed it. But that time Luke went off in his diner and gave a rant about breastfeeding in public? Not cool. "In the old days, a woman would never consider doing that in public," he said. "They'd go find a barn or a cave or something." That's what you take women for, Luke? He also came across a tad homophobic when he said things like, "What's with the gay bag?" SMH.

3. He Couldn't Get It Together & Marry Lorelai

Multiple times. The first time was when he was grappling with discovering his daughter, April. You know, the one he initially kept from Lorelai. Later, Lorelai gave him an ultimatum and he still couldn't man up to give her an answer. SMH again.

4. Speaking Of April...

Strike 1: Luke kept his daughter a secret from Lorelai when they were engaged. Strike 2: He didn't want Lorelai to have any sort of relationship with her at first. Strike 3: That was, until, he needed her help throwing April a party. I'm out of strikes, but after jerking Lorelai around, he ultimately got her caught up in drama with Anna over April, too.

5. He Didn't Always Put Lorelai First

There were multiple occasions when Luke was with other women, even when he was still in love with Lorelai. Who does that? When his ex Rachel came back to town, he tried to make things work with her, even though his heart was elsewhere. He also married Nicole after being on a cruise. Lorelai, although flawed in some ways, had the patience of a saint.

6. He Was A Jealous Little Boy On The Inside

Luke could jump from girl to girl, but god forbid Lorelai see other men. Not only would Luke get an attitude when Lorelai would bring up another man like Chris, he just dumped her when her mom tried to get her and Chris back together. This isn't the school playground, Luke. It's real life.

7. Sometimes He Went Against Lorelai's Wishes

For instance, he knew Lorelai didn't approve of Jess for Rory, but he still tried to orchestrate their relationship since Jess was his nephew. Stay in your lane, pal. And did I mention he bailed on marrying Lorelai a few times? Just wondering.

8. He Was So Damn Grumpy

Although his cranky attitude was somewhat endearing, he's just so pissed all the time. Not only was he stuck in his ways, but if he was mad for any reason, he'd keep it to himself and just be super passive aggressive. Other times, though, he lashed out. Lorelai needs someone who will keep her on her toes, not give her whiplash.

There you have it, shippers. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but now that the election is over, you all have some other very important decisions to make.

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