Beautycounter Bans The Term "Anti-Aging"

Makeup and skincare manufacturer Beautycounter prides itself on creating healthier skincare and makeup alternatives, but their new Countertime line may be the company's biggest coup yet with its wholesome ingredients and positivity-driven marketing campaign.

Founded in 2013 by women concerned with the number of detrimental chemicals in their beauty products, Beautycounter seeks "to get safe products into the hands of everyone" according to its motto, and has accordingly eschewed the use of 1,500 harmful chemicals to make their wares more user-friendly. The company also debuted an extremely handy blog called The Truth Serum to help consumers live a more healthy, eco-friendly life. However, their new Countertime line is what has consumers talking.

Countertime claims to have anti-aging properties, but employees are forbidden from using the term to describe its products. The Santa Barbara-based company not only excels at creating environmentally friendly wares, but also one which happens to believe that women should be allowed to age without earning the stigma of the label "old." Thus, employees are instructed not to use the term "anti-aging" in reference to Countertime, though the line does seek to counteract the effects of aging on the face. The line's seven products claim to make the face appear as radiant and fresh as possible — no matter the age of the consumer.

Creative design head Christy Coleman further explained the impetus behind their sentient approach to products for mature skin, stating:

We are focused on aging graciously and in a positive way. Women can look amazing for a long period of time...We are all going to grow old, but we should feel good about it.

Perhaps Beautycounter should make a targeted PSA to Hollywood and its related industries, because eco-friendly initiatives and pro-aging attitudes are two areas we could all learn to embrace a bit more.