Lana Winters Will Interview Lee On 'AHS: Roanoke' & Everything Has Officially Come Together

Ryan Murphy had teased that American Horror Story: Asylum's Lana Winters would appear in Roanoke and the Season 6 finale promo showed fans just what she'll be doing. The reporter-turned-author-turned-interviewer from Season 2 will be interviewing Lee, the sole survivor of My Roanoke Nightmare in an exclusive special. While this isn't the first time that Roanoke has been connected to previous American Horror Story seasons, this use of Lana in a sensational live special is the perfect way to end Season 6.

Roanoke has been a mirror of real entertainment since the very first episode — even if fans didn't know it until Episode 6. The big twist that Murphy had teased was that people in the real world were watching My Roanoke Nightmare the TV show. That meant the reeanctment actors and the real people who experienced Roanoke all existed in the same world together and returned to the house for Sidney's failed Season 2. AHS: Roanoke goes way beyond just being a show-within-a-show and having Paulson's character back to debut The Lana Winters Special is just about as meta as you can get — and that's saying something in this very meta season of AHS.

Besides the genius of continuing to place My Roanoke Nightmare in the real world for the finale, there's also the genius acting of Paulson, who has now portrayed three different characters in Roanaoke. OK, technically she has only been two characters since her Shelby was really the British actress Audrey portraying Shelby, but still, adding Lana into the mix is a mighty feat even for AHS favorite Paulson.

As the older Lana, Paulson promised viewers an enticing interview of Lee, who she called "the most provocative and polarizing figures of our time." Considering Lana is quite a polarizing figure herself and is familiar with murdering like Lee (in her case, she murdered her own son), I believe this interview is gonna be damn good. Although there was no way that anyone could have predicted this was where Roanoke was going back when it first premiered, no one can deny that it's going to be a pretty satisfying season finale for long-term AHS fans.

Images: FX, Frank Ockenfels/FX