Lee Could Be The One To Survive 'AHS: Roanoke'

After Sidney's Season 2 of My Roanoke Nightmare became a disaster, it was revealed only one person would survive the return to the North Carolina home. While I'm shocked to even be writing this, the lone survivor on AHS could be Lee. Yeah, this character is majorly flawed — and just admitted in "Chapter 8" to killing her ex-husband — but you gotta love a redemption story. And as the only person still alive who actually lived through the original terrors of My Roanoke Nightmare, she seems to be the one to have earned the title of survivor the most.

As already mentioned — and shown by Angela Bassett's reenactment portrayl of her — Adina Porter's Lee has a lot of baggage. Even before she joined her brother and sister-in-law at their new home, she had dealt with being kicked off the police force, being an addict, getting a divorce from Mason, and not having full custody of her daughter Flora. Yet, surviving the Roanoke home has somehow seemed to bring out the best in Lee. I mean, it wasn't great that she had killed Mason, but the Lee that's on American Horror Story now is a character worth cheering for.

The other people who are still alive are Sarah Paulson's Audrey and most likely, Bassett's Monet. (And Wes Bentley's Dylan just showed up — but I'm not counting him.) Both Audrey and Monet had ignored Lee, Matt, and Shelby's warnings about the horrors of the house, so it would be the most rewarding if Lee survived. Plus, she just showed what a badass she is by taking down the Polk family. And, of course, her daughter Flora is still alive — so she truly has a reason to keep on living.

Although Paulson and Bassett are American Horror Story regulars, it might be Porter's time to shine. Of course, I don't mean to sound too confident in my prediction since there are still two episodes left and the characters have been dropping off like flies. So, yes anything could happen before AHS: Roanoke ends, but my money's on Lee.

Image: FX