Unicorn Lashes' Latest Brushes Are Lit

When I use the term "makeup unicorn," I usually mean a product that is really, really hard to get. Then there are the Unicorn makeup brushes by Unicorn Lashes, a UK brand. The previous version of the sold-out Unicorn tools boasted pointy, twisty, glossy, and iridescent white handles that resembled unicorn horns and rainbow bristles. There is a new set of Unicorn brushes and these magic wands are absolutely stunning, thanks to the details and the color. The set is called "Royale" and the handles are gold, giving them more luxe, grown up feel. The bristles are white, with hot pink tips and a rich, ombre vibe. They are almost too pretty to use or to sully with, you know, product, as they were intended. When are the Unicorn Royale makeup brushes available to purchase?

Well, we don't know just yet. The brand teased a photo of these tools of the trade, only noting that it's called the "Royale" collection and that the handles are gold. Fans immediately reacted, clamoring for more info about when to buy them. This collection is not yet available on the brand's site, yet, either.

However, I paged through the brand's Insta images and saw a post that confirms that Royale brushes with black handles are coming-out in early 2017.

Bustle reached out to Unicorn to inquire about the onsale date and further details regarding both the gold and black handle versions of the Royale brush set.

Aren't they divine? In the post featuring the black-handled version, the brand noted the Royale brush hair shapes are different than the Rainbow collection.

Here is the caption of that post, confirming the early 2017 launch and the changes.

This was a prototype and yes, they are vegan.

The brand previously teased a potential black-handle version with rainbow bristles on Insta.

The originals!!

Up close — check out that craftsmanship.

With both black and gold handles, the Royale Unicorn brushes are majestic magic wands.

Images: Unicorn Lashes/Instagram (4)