Dolores & William Reach The Edge Of ‘Westworld,’ But What’s Waiting For Them There?

For several episodes now, Dolores and William have been on a journey of both self-discovery and literal discovery, learning things about themselves as they explore the grittiest corners of Westworld's universe. Their adventures have taken them through bounty hunts, gunfights, and orgies — and this week, they take the pair to the farthest reaches of the park's map. Dolores and William have reached the edge of Westworld… but what exactly is waiting for them there?

After hopping on that train with Lawrence at the end of last week's episode, the unlikely trio were on their way to deliver the stolen nitroglycerin to the warfront — but first they had to pass through the territory of the Ghost Nation. Along the way, Dolores and William finally consummated their prolonged flirtation, which gave the former "damsel" a chance to utter another great, instantly classic line. When William gushed to Dolores that he felt like she had "unlocked" something inside of him, she recoiled: "I'm not a key, William. I'm just me."

Shortly thereafter, the train was ambushed by the Confederados, still furious at El Lazo's betrayal. With the help of Slim's nitroglycerin-stuffed corpse, the trio set off an explosion that distracted the army long enough to make their escape. Pursued on horseback by the Confederados, things looked bleak for our heroes… until the Ghost Nation arrived and picked off their pursuers one by one. William, Dolores, and Lawrence managed to escape, and soon arrived at a place that looked oddly familiar; Dolores had just painted that particular canyon on the train the night before.

Naturally, Dolores took that as a sign that it was time to part ways with El Lazo. As the charming criminal continued on his way to the front lines, she and William stayed behind. Ominously, Lawrence took the opportunity to warn them about the "unclaimed territory" they were about to enter: apparently nobody who enters it ever comes back alive. So what exactly is waiting for them at this remotest fringe of Westworld? Are they about to reach the boundary of a Truman Show-esque dome that surrounds the park? Will they find Arnold — or whoever's acting in his name? Could the center of the "maze" really be found at the edge of the park? Whatever's waiting for her there, is Dolores really traveling with William? Or is she simply remembering her time with William 30 years ago in flashbacks as she journeys through Westworld alone?

With only three episodes left in the season, hopefully we'll start getting answers to some of these questions, STAT.

Images: John P. Johnson/HBO