6 Podcast Episodes About The Election To Listen To Today To Help You Process What Happened

In the days since the results of the 2016 presidential election have come in, many of us are seeking ways to cope. That's where podcasts can come in: There are many great podcast episodes about the election out right now that will help you process what just happened in our country, no matter what side of the aisle you stand on. Some of us are fascinated as to how the election went the way it did, and what, exactly, our future looks like now. Others need a mental break from the constant news coverage and impromptu political discussions, making podcasts that offer some escape the ideal choice. Whatever your preference or need, these six picks are a great place to start.

We should never forget the importance of self-care and mental health wellness, especially in a time that is stressful and turbulent for many of us. That's when podcasts to listen to when you're anxious are particularly important to have at the ready for many poeple. Personally, I tend to look for podcasts that have a unique, diverse angle, whether it's a podcast run by women, or a podcast dedicated to amplifying queer voices, and so on. It can take some digging to find podcasts that are an ideal fit for you, but luckily, there is no shortage of great options available.

The following six podcast episodes are great options to help you make sense of the 2016 election, whether you're looking for hard-hitting political analysis or whether you just need to focus on your own mental health. They're all also free, and immediately available to stream.

1. FiveThirtyEight: President Trump


If you weren't familiar with statistician Nate Silver before the election, you've definitely heard of him now. His latest podcast, titled "President Trump," specifically discusses Trump's win, and how he won the Electoral College while losing the popular vote.

2. Citizen Radio: About The Incident


Citizen Radio is an awesome progressive podcast that has a new episode available every single day. Their episode on the Trump win went up only nine hours ago, and it's already got people talking. Their episode "About the Incident" is definitely worth a listen if you're wondering "What's next?" or "What steps can I take to protect myself and those close to me?"

3. Candidate Confessional: Wendy Davis


If you're in the mood to think about the political world, but not necessarily the recent election, you should definitely check out the Candidate Confessional podcast. Each episode focuses on a political figure who talks about low points, failures, or disappointments in their own careers. I think the episode where Wendy Davis is interviewed is particularly powerful, especially for those who are mourning the Hillary loss.

4. The Pollsters: Uh... Surprise?!


Led by two women, The Pollsters is a great podcast to listen to in general, but their recent episode on the election results is definitely a gem. They're totally unscripted, but well-informed and educated, so their conversation feels both natural and enlightening. It's like talking to your friends... after you've all watched the news and taken some notes, of course.

5. Politically Re-Active: Anger After The Election featuring Roxane Gay


Politically Re-Active is a great podcast to listen to, period, but their episode called "Anger After The Election" is particularly important if you're someone who wants to take action but doesn't know where to begin, or if you're trying to process complex emotions and have no idea how to put them into words. Roxane Gay, who is black and queer, is an incredible writer and activist, and her perspective definitely offers an inspiring mix of power and healing to this episode.

6. The Anxiety Coaches: Highly Sensitive People with Anxiety


Do you ever feel like you're totally internalizing all of the stress and fear that's around you? Are you having problems focusing on yourself because you're so caught up in the pain and struggles of your peers? If so, it's possible you're highly sensitive — and that's not a bad thing! But if you're prone to picking up on what others are giving off, now is an especially important time to tune in with yourself and soothe your own anxieties and emotions. The Anxiety Coaches' recent episode is 20 minutes geared exactly to people who pick up the stress around them — give it a listen if you desperately need to recent and focus on your own well-being.

Happy listening, everybody!

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