Sigma Beauty's New Lippies Are Iridescent Magic

If you woke up this morning, like me, and thought to yourself, "how can I look my most magical today?" then I've got something cool to share with you. Sigma Beauty's new Lipswitch set is all things magical. It's like unicorn skin and mermaid scales had a baby, and that baby was a shimmery, color shifting liquid lipstick collection that, I'm assuming, contains at least 50 percent hopes and dreams. It's set to launch Nov. 14, so you'll still have time to stalk the Sigma Beauty website and add them to your cart so when they drop, all you have to do is press "check out." Because if they sell out, which I imagine they will, you'll be the saddest panda on the block.

Listen, I know the whole unicorn/mermaid thing is starting to get played out, but even if you're ready to put your Lisa Frank binder back in storage (gasp! the horror!) you'll still love these lippies. They're that cool combination of bold and subtle that everyone's looking for. Plus, they're just gorgeous. Whether your aesthetic is unicorn hair and glitter eyes, soft neutrals with dewy skin, or anything in between, these will work for you. You can wear them over black lipstick for that enchanting oil slick look, or wear them alone to add shifting shimmer to a sometimes dark world. I haven't tried it, but I'm also assuming a little dab on your cheekbones would make for a next-level highlighter situation.

Here's each shade, in it's group shot glory:

So. Much. Pretty.

Double Whammy

Duochrome for days. Green to purple and back, with stops at gold and blue along the way.

Flip Fop

Holo holo holo! Get your orange holo here.

Other Worldy

It's kind of pastel, kind of frosty, and kind of rainbowy all in one.

Pink Lotus

Is it pink? Is it green? Is it orange? Is it red? Yes, yes it is.


It's like being on a purple cloud of awesome. Except that cloud is on your face.

They're $14 a pop, or $34 for the whole collection of all five shades. That's a small price to pay for living your best lip life, if you ask me. Plus, if you don't want to do the math, I'll do it for you: $14 each, times five lipsticks equals $70 if you buy each individually. So the $34 price tag for the whole set is kind of a big deal. Thank you, Sigma! *heart emoji*

Images: Sigma Beauty