What Time Is The ColourPop Holiday Collection Coming Out? Get Ready To Shop At This Hour

You can expect one good thing after another from this brand. When it comes to creating must-have products, ColourPop is no one hit wonder, that’s for sure! What time is the ColourPop Holiday Collection coming out? You’re going to want to keep these colors on repeat all season long, so log on the moment they’re available to shop.

According to the brand’s social media accounts, parts of the collection will be limited edition and extremely limited quantities. So, if you want to be among the first to get your hands on this adorably themed “Now Playing” line-up, then you’ve got to act quickly. They’ll be available for purchase on Nov. 10 at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT, so don’t be late!

The collection includes sets that are filled with incredible eyeshadows and lippies, and the best part of all is the packaging. When you buy one of these $30 sets, you’ll get your products shipped to you in the coolest record-shaped container. Did ColourPop nail it with this range or what? You’ll find everything from their Ultra Glossy Lips to highlighters in this line, so there are plenty of items to get you shining bright this season. Trust me, you’ll have your holiday beauty routine sorted once you shop these shades.

Don't miss out on these goodies!

This record packaging is pretty much the best thing ever.

The colors they hold inside, though, are even better.

These Lippie Stix will have you set for the holidays.

Top them off with a nice shimmering gloss, and get ready to sparkle wherever you go!

Never Not Chilling Record Set, $30, ColourPop Cosmetics

These are "super limited edition" according to the brand, so be sure to add these sets to your cart as soon as possible.

Although, the singles in this range are pretty amazing, too. So, no matter what you're able to able to buy, there's no losing here!

This Now Playing Collection got me like...


And I'll keep these products on re-pe-pe-peat!

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