Will Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna’s Baby Be On 'Rob & Chyna'? Dream May Be On TV In No Time

If you've been watching Rob Kardashian's and Blac Chyna's whirlwind engagement and pregnancy on the aptly named Rob & Chyna (or have ever been on the Internet), then today is a sacred day. Black Chyna has given birth to a little girl, the first baby with the surname Kardashian since her husband Rob. Yes, little Dream Renee Kardashian (because America desperately needed a giggle after the results of the 2016 election, I guess) has made her earthly debut, but will she crawl in the footsteps of her famous family members. That is, will Kardashian and Chyna's baby appear on Rob & Chyna , the show?

Well, yes and no. Technically the six episode docuseries showing the media personalities' tumultuous relationship wrapped up its first season back in October. Sadly, baby Dream (oh my god) didn't get a lot of screen time, being in utero and all. More than that, though, Rob & Chyna is unconfirmed for a second season, due to low ratings and just the rollercoaster relationship in general. Yes, it makes for great television, but it's hard to put a lot of funds in a couple that seem so erratically in and out of love. On the other hand, as long as there's E!, there will probably be an overload of Kardashians on our screen.


And in fact, Dream will be making a television debut with her very own, very fancy Kardashian special. Yes, E! will be showing Rob & Chyna Baby Special on Dec. 18, which should take you directly in the delivery room of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Entertainment Tonight is reporting that, in fact, the cameras were documenting the hard conversation of whether or not Chyna should get a C-section, having already gone through with it when she delivered her and Tyga's son, King Cairo. Thrilling?

The thing about previous Kardashian specials — Khloé Kardashian's wedding, Kim Kardashian's (short-lived) fairytale wedding, etc. — is that they revolve around a lot of glitz and decadence. Like, it's inviting America to a party, whether you go ironically or not. With this, I can't imagine it's going to grab viewer's interest in the same way, unless they continued to dial up the drama to 11. I mean, we know the baby Dream is born and all, I don't think there's any other dramatic twists they could throw to make it extremely interesting. I've also never wanted to witness a baby cut out of someone's stomach like a sci-fi horror show, but that's just me.


Regardless, congrats are in order to Kardashian and Chyna. Regardless of whether they get a Season 2 or not, they have little baby Dream (aaaah) and that should definitely start and interesting new chapter in their lives.

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