Lady Gaga and Beyonce Silence The Haters

Taylor Swift is, undoubtedly, the leading pop star in the world when it comes to celebrity friendships. Her wide-ranging list of BFFs ranges from Lorde and Lena Dunham, to Sarah Hyland, to Emma Stone. But today, Taylor Swift has been beat. And, surprisingly, not through instagram! No, Taylor Swift cannot match a birthday wish from Beyonce.

The lucky person to whom Beyonce bestowed a coveted birthday wish? That'd be birthday girl Lady Gaga: "Happy birthday to the multi-talented, creative Lady Gaga. With love, from Honey B," wrote Bey (or Bey's army of minons) on her official Facebook page. The "Honey B" part is, of course, a reference to her role in Gaga's early "Telephone" music video, which remains a classic.

The message is a nice subtle slap in the face to the rumors of "feuds" that plague practically every relationship between any two female pop stars — or female stars, in general — at one point or another. Isn't imagining what kind of extravagant gift basket Beyonce got Gaga a lot more fun?

But this birthday greeting has got us thinking: What do we have to do to get a birthday message from Beyonce? Who doesn't sit back and fantasize every once in a while about what a personal blessing from Queen B might say?

Dear Alanna,Shine bright, shine bright. Don't be shy, be a star. Where you live, where you are. Shout it out, be a star. Shine bright, shine far. Be a star.

Then again, those might be the lyrics to "Be A Star" from Tyra Banks classic Life Size.