Kristen Wiig Is Hosting 'Saturday Night Live,' Which Means It's Time To Relive Her Best Sketches

If you needed some good news today, Kristen Wiig will host Saturday Night Live later this month. The former SNL cast member and Ghostbusters star will join musical guest The XX on Nov. 19, following this Saturday's highly anticipated Dave Chappelle hosted episode.

This will probably be a big episode for multiple reasons. The next few weeks of Saturday Night Live are sure to be heavily scrutinized following the election of Donald Trump as president-elect. The sketch show heavily covered the election and impersonated candidates Trump and Hillary Clinton. Alec Baldwin portrayed Trump in the weeks leading up to the election, but whether he will continue to impersonate the Republican during his presidency remains unclear.

SNL needs a pro like Wiig to give the show a sense of normalcy. She was an SNL favorite and her absence was felt when she left in 2012, though she returned once to host in 2013. While Wiig has gone on to earn acclaim in comedic and dramatic film roles, many fans still recognize Wiig as the originator of iconic characters and impressions on the NBC sketch show. To celebrate Wiig's return to Saturday Night Live, here are some of her best sketches.

1. Garth & Kat

Saturday Night Live on YouTube

Wiig and Fred Armisen's clueless and be-vested singing duo is silly perfection.

2. Suze Orman

William Kraemer on YouTube

A very zany and hilarious take on the TV personality.

3. Lana Del Rey

Clevver Music on YouTube

Wiig is so funny as Del Rey.

4. Target Lady

This is such a weird character, and it's one of Wiig's best.

5. Judy Grimes

Just kidding.

6. The Lawrence Welk Show

The tiny hands. The forehead. The voice. Dooneese is perfect and horrifying.

7. Gilly

Gilly is one of Saturday Night Live's most recognizable characters, and Wiig does such a good job with that smile.

8. Kathie Lee Gifford

Lisa Hallbauer on YouTube

Wiig's impression of the TV host is spot-on.

9. Kris Jenner

Jennifer on YouTube

Did you know that Kris's full name is Kristen? Anyway, Wiig's desperate take on the Kardashian mom is hilarious.

Now that you have Wiig's return to look forward to, I recommend revisiting her old SNL episodes. They're comforting and hilarious, and they're on Hulu.