A 'Blue Crush' TV Series Is In The Works, So Will The Film's Original Cast Return To Hawaii?

It's been a cruel, cruel summer. Made crueler by the fact that it's not actually summer and the breakout hit of 2002, Blue Crush, happens to be 14 years old, which is the age of a freshman in high school. But before you start feeling crushed by the concept of time and aging, consider this: According to Deadline, a TV adaptation of 2002's Blue Crush is in the works at NBC. Lizzy Weiss, co-writer of the original film, will not only write the pilot, but also serve as an executive producer. I know what you must be wondering: Will any of the original cast members from Blue Crush be a part of the TV show?

The original was co-written and directed by John Stockwell and starred a then-nascent Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sanoe Lake. In actuality, Blue Crush the TV show will be an adaptation of an adaptation, considering that Blue Crush the film was based on an Outside magazine article by Susan Orlean titled "Life's Swell." The film followed Anne Marie Chadwick (Bosworth) on her quest to become the world's greatest female surfer — or at least, Hawaii's greatest. However, Anne Marie almost drowned once, so she's afraid to partake in any competitions. Therein lies the central conflict: Anne Marie cannot become Hawaii's greatest surfer if she never proves her skills. So, her two surf homies (Rodriquez and Lake) help her overcome said fears and in the process she meets an NFL player named Matt (played by Matthew Davis of Warren from Legally Blonde fame). Oh, and then there's Anne Marie's little rebel of a sister, Penny played by Mika Boorem.


So, will any of the aforementioned North Shore denizens be back after 14 years? Things are still in early development, so it's too close to confirm whether or not any of the main actors will have recurring roles. That being said, "ehhh, probably not" is the most likely answer. Considering that the majority of these actors have gone on to acquire more fame, it would be a stretch to assume they'd return for a TV series about a movie they did over a decade ago. However, let's not forget the straight-to-DVD sequel, Blue Crush 2. It starred some lesser know actors (Sasha Jackson, Elizabeth Mathis, Ben Milliken, to name a few), so they might be down for wave-riding seconds. You know, if they are available.

While you await more info regarding the potential cast, ruminate over these remaining questions. Will the TV series include parents? (They seemed to be noticeably absent from the film). Will the main characters still be maids? Does Penny still wear cornrows? Will hotel goers still be as disgusting as they were in 2002? Are they nut-huggers or nut-containers? Is surfing hard? What about swimming? Asking for a friend.


All good things to consider. Aloha!

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