Rob & Chyna's Mannequin Challenge Is Next Level

by Courtney Lindley

Robert Kardashian and Blac Chyna — never one to miss an opportunity to do something for social media — have taken it upon themselves to participate in the latest viral craze. But with a twist. Right before the birth of their daughter Dream Renee Kardashian, Kardashian and Chyna did the Mannequin Challenge, putting most of the internet to shame. Except for maybe Hillary Clinton's version, which was equally splendid to watch, but for vastly different reasons.

In case you're behind on all things that fall under the category of "internet craze," the Mannequin Challenge is the most recent trend that first hit social media at the end of October and started taking over the world in November. Allegedly, it was started on Twitter by a group of friends freezing in mannequin-like poses, though it can be dated back as far as a Vine video from 2014. Since Twitter got a hold of it, thousands of people around the world — OK, mostly high schools — have been posting their own versions.

Amidst all the pressure and stress and excitement of giving birth, Kardashian and Chyna found a quick minute (or maybe more, who knows how long this type of coordination takes. I'd expect a lot of pre-planning goes into it) to do the challenge.

As you can clearly see, everyone — aka the "Dream Team" — is ready for the birth to begin. Vitals are being taken, videos too. We've got the nurses, the family members. Kardashian ready to ... I'm not actually sure what he's ready to do, since I believe the doctor's supposed to be in that position. It truly looks like he's about to catch something. Kardashian might have no idea how childbirth works, so let's hope that this wasn't emblematic of how things actually occurred. I'm just saying, seems a little unsafe. But hey, look — it's Kris Jenner. Jenner's there to bite her finger and look anxious and generally fit into the role of grandmother. She's a seasoned vet, after all.

Dream was born Thursday morning at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. Most of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has already met the baby and signed off on the fact that she's adorable and perfect and all the things baby related. But truly, what a wonderful way to come into the world. Just hours after your famous reality star parents post a humorous video on a social media platform that will probably be obsolete by the time you can speak, and an internet craze that will surely die down by the time you hit the 4-week-old mark. Welcome to the madness, Dream.