Swatches Of Makeup Addiction's Holy Glow Vol. 2 Palette Will Have You Ready To Shop — PHOTOS

Highlighter is one of this year's biggest trends, so it only makes sense that there are tons of options on the market. The latest might be the brightest of them all though. Makeup Addiction Cosmetics created a highlighter palette that features four shimmery shades. What does it look like, you ask? Let's just say that swatches of Makeup Addiction's Holy Glow Vol. 2 Palette will blind you with shine. You might not be familiar with this brand, but you will be after seeing this gorgeous cheek shine.

There are tons of different highlighters out there. Some of them have a subtle, lit form within glow, while others are more in your face. Makeup Addiction's Holy Glow Vol. 2 Palette is the latter. The four shades are absolutely gorgeous and pack a serious punch. They range from a stunning bronze shade to your classic golden and pearly colors to an unconventional pink-undertoned shine. Basically, there's something for everyone.

The Holy Glow Vol. 2 Palette is set to launch on Nov. 11, although there isn't a time given thus far. After seeing the swatches of these four highlighters, you're going to want to shop them as soon as possible. Don't just take my word for it though. Let the cheek shines speak for themselves.

Sorry, I should've warned you to put your sunglasses on before watching that. The shades from left to right are Pink Flamingo, Champagne Fizz, Mermaid Mist, and Sunset Bronze. Compared to the Holy Glow Vol. 1 Palette, these colors are a bit more unconventional, but still just as gorgeous.

I could honestly sit and stare at this four hours. You'll be able to snag yours on the Makeup Addiction Cosmetics website, which ships to the United States, or on the District Glow website. The previous shimmer kit was only $26, so I'm willing to bet that this one will be too.

Whether you're looking to add to your personal makeup collection or shop for a friend, you really can't go wrong with this launch. Something tells me that the highlighting trend isn't going anywhere soon, so I'd stock up on this beauty.

Images: makeupaddictioncosmetics/Instagram (1)