What Shades Are Makeup Geek's Iconic Lipsticks? The Skinny Lippies Have All The Staples

Odds are you've probably already heard that Makeup Geek is creating lip products. Well, the first official look is already here, and it will get you excited for the launch. Although all of the details aren't out yet, the slim little tubes are definitely something to look forward to. If you're wondering which shades Makeup Geek Cosmetics' Iconic Lipsticks will come in, the answer isn't exactly set in stone. There's no telling how many are to come, but right now the beauty brand is sticking to the basics.

When Marlena Stell, the CEO of Makeup Geek, first announced that the brand would merge into lip territory, fans freaked out. Now you have something to really get excited about. Although Stell has been sharing social media sneak peeks and potential swatches throughout the entire process, the first lippie looks are finally here. The company shared a photo of their first formula, Ionic Lipsticks, on their Instagram, and it's all about the basics.

According to the photo the line ranges from your everyday nudes to reds to a deep purple that's perfect for fall. They're all in a sleek little minimalistic grey tube. The Iconic Lipsticks are much skinnier that your average lipstick, but the colors still pack a serious punch.

From left to right, the colors are Risqué, Rare, Elegant, Shady, and Clumsy. Simple, sweet, and to the point. According to the Instagram post, the launch dates will be out soon, which means there probably isn't much longer to wait.

Stell posted a photo to social media a while back saying that there will ultimately be six different lip formulas added to the site. Although the Iconic Lipsticks weren't in the picture, they're definitely something to be excited about. Stell also posted swatches of some of the shades to her Instagram.

There's no telling what makeup Geek will come up with next. They might have shown only five shades so far, but something tells me that the company has a lot more up their sleeve.

Images: MakeupGeekCosmetics/Instagram (1)