True Story: January Jones Will Make You Very Sorry If You Break Up With Her

Hmm, maybe Don Draper should take note — it looks like the real-life Betty Francis is not someone you wanna break up with. Apparently, January Jones played an awful (and hilarious) prank on an ex who broke her heart in high school when he tore his ACL and "needed to focus on his recovery." And it's totally a true story, because she told Jimmy Fallon all about it during her appearance on The Tonight Show last night. Be wary if you break this woman's heart, as she'll come back with a rather creative vengeance!

Without giving too much away (you should all just watch the clip, because Fallon and Jones's interview is too fun to watch) it's pretty great watching her recount her vengeful (and adorable, let's be honest) tale: Apparently, her ex, Tony Ericson (Fallon quips: "pick an name and stick with it, buddy!") was a realtor, whose cohorts and colleagues agreed that he needed a good kick in the ass. Jones asked him to meet her at the airport to discuss a house that she was interested in buying, and let's just say...things don't go according to his plans (hilariously).

For the record, he broke up with her, and even Fallon agrees that the reason he broke up with her (all we'll say is it sounds something like "I need to focus on recovering from a torn ACL!") warrants this sort of prank! And seriously...who would break up with a girl who can balance a box of girl scout cookies on her unnaturally gorgeous head?

...and who photobombs Barry Manilow with such grace?

(Did I just want a reason to link to January Jones' amazing Instagram account? Yes.)

Check out the clip below, and be sure to catch the premiere of the first part of Season 7 of Mad Men on April 13!

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube

Image: JanuaryJones/Instagram