You Can Finally See Kim K's Halloween Costume

It's been a particularly upsetting week in a particularly upsetting year and the world definitely needs some light relief. So put your hands together for Kris Jenner, who gave us what we needed in one essential shot: Kim Kardashian's 2016 Halloween costume. Finally. The momager shared the image on Instagram on Friday, meanwhile Rob Kardashian posted even more photos to his sister's app. Since Kardashian has been keeping a low profile both online and offline after her Paris robbery, this was the first time fans got to see the shots, but boy, they were worth the wait. Kardashian decided to dress as everyone's favorite Disney princess, Princess Jasmine. Which is perfect — I feel she definitely has the same smarts and self-confidence as the singularly no-nonsense Princess Jasmine.

This is business as usual for the Halloween costume queen: in the past, Kardashian has dressed as a sexy Little Red Riding Hood, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, a flapper, a cheetah and a pirate. She's even dressed as Princess Jasmine before — we'll get to this in a second. This costume is so Kim K. Clearly, she wouldn't just stick on a pair of cat ears and a label saying Stevens and go as '70s singer-songwriter Cat Stevens. And since Princess Jasmine has a whole entourage of characters she's associated with, it also meant she could include her family in her costume.

Cute, right? And it's great to see that proud mother Kardashian is so comfortable and confident in her own skin. She looks every bit as radiant as she did when she wore this costume the first time:

But it wasn't just Kardashian who got the world smiling with her costume. She dressed up Saint as Aladdin and North as her own Princess Jamine mini-me.

The only member of the Kardashian-West clan who managed to escape a costume was Kanye West, who kept it low-key in a black sweater. Still, when you're married to Kardashian, how do you even compete when it comes to a Halloween costume? No wonder West is just giving up and letting his wife do what she does best — shine.

I know there are harder, sadder things to think through this week. But sometimes you're allowed a little light relief: This made me smile. Hopefully, you too.