Here's What Too Faced's Natural Love Could Be

If you thought Too Faced was slowing down anytime soon, then think again. Master of all sneak peeks and co-founder of the company Jerrod Blandino shared a photo of a new product on his Instagram, and it's something completely new. What is Too Faced's Natural Love? It's not exactly clear from the close-up, but that hasn't stopped people from speculating.

Too Faced never seems to slow down when it comes to the makeup launches. Although the company just released the Funfetti Collection, huge holiday makeup spread, and have been teasing their Chocolate Chip Palettes, they're at it again. Blandino shared a super close-up image of something called Natural Love, and fans are dying for more information.

As of now, we know, well, nothing except what it looks like. Whatever it is, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. It's got pretty pink writing with flowers and animals all over it. To me, it looks pretty spring-like, so there's a good chance that we won't see whatever this is for a while. The comment section is filled with people saying that it has to be a new palette. That's a pretty good guess, if you ask me. Who knows whether it will be natural shadows, bronzers, or blushes, but whatever it is, there's no doubt in my mind that it will be great.

Why does a palette make the most sense? Because they have other naturals out there already. They company currently has a Natural Matte and Natural Eyes Palette available on their site. This could possibly be building on the line that they already have.

Of course, since they have other shadow palettes out with a similar name, that could mean that they're doing something completely different. The word "love" makes you think of rosy hues, so there's a possibility that this could be a blush collection too.

Honestly, you just never know what Too Faced will come out with next. Whatever it is, I'm super excited to see!

Images: jerrodblandino/Instagram (1)