Nick Lachey & Donnie Wahlberg Are Making A Boy Band Sitcom, So Let's Hope It Includes These Classic Songs

Nick Lachey from 98 Degrees and New Kids on the Block's Donnie Wahlberg are joining forces to create a show that will make your '90s-loving heart flutter. The hardest thing you'll ever have to do is pretend like you're not excited about the upcoming scripted comedy series, Encore, a show directly inspired by Lachey and Wahlberg's experiences. Encore will center around the lives of former boy band members, who come back together after they've been apart for 20 years, according to Variety. Entourage's creator Doug Ellin — a man who understands how to write about groups of people doing ridiculous things — has signed on to pen the script, so there really won't be a reason to give it a pass. Especially if the series includes a call-back to '80s and '90s boy band culture — by giving us a dose of new male-led pop music, of course. You know, to replace all those jams form the decades prior that we still truly miss.

According to Variety, "The inspiration for the show came when the two compared notes about how different their lives are today as grown men with children than in their pop star heydays." Though it sounds like the boy band in the series will be fictional, the people behind it will surely pull from personal experiences and specific songs from their careers. So, here's an official plea that Encore includes at least one of the following quintessential boy band jams.

1. The Repetitive Song You'll Never Be Able To Get Out Of Your Head


Every time these types of boy band songs came on, they would stick with you for the rest of the day. Or week. Or year. Or lifetime.

2. The Song With A Catchphrase That Makes No Sense

HansonVEVO on YouTube

Apparently "MMMBop" is supposed to mean "a passing of time" or something about the "futility of life." But, let's be honest with ourselves, "MMMBop" does not make any sense.

3. The Final Plea Song

NewKidsVEVO on YouTube

Perhaps the most popular types of boy band songs centered around the idea of wanting a girl back.

4. The Incredibly Sappy Love Song

98DegreesVEVO on YouTube

Oy, the saccharine variety of a love song. The kind we used to live for.

5. The Seasonally Appropriate Song

snowontheweb on YouTube

Bonus points if it catapults a clothing brand to incredible heights of success.

6. The Song That Describes The Shape Of Things

BackstreetBoysVEVO on YouTube

Though there aren't a lot of other parts on the body whose shape should be discussed (it could get pretty weird, pretty fast), here's hoping they pull through.

7. The Song That Makes A Whole Lot Of Promises

All-4-One (Official Channel) on YouTube

Boy bands were nothing if not masters of promising to deliver on things. Did that give us false hope for romantic endeavors in the future? Probably.

Encore is still in its early stages of development, meaning they have a lot of time to decide which types of boy band songs they'll feature in the show, if any. But if they do incorporate some '90s inspired tracks, I will be first in line to buy that soundtrack.