Dream Kardashian Has Already Aced Snapchat

I've had a tumultuous relationship with Snapchat from the start. Seriously, after convincing most of my friends to get in on the fun way back in 2012, I ended up deleting it to only come back to it four years later utterly confused by the technological upgrades. Though, after a few months back on the wagon, I think I'm just starting to get the hang of the whole thing. The thing is, not everyone is as challenged as I am when it comes to the multifaceted social media platform. No, apparently newborn infant Dream Kardashian has perfected Snapchat filter selfies, as US Weekly reported. Effectively putting me, and the rest of us to shame.

Listen, I obviously can't remember what I did in the immediate moments after my birth, but I know it wasn't navigating facial recognition software and using it to my most accurate and adorable abilities. Dream joined Snapchat and Instagram on Nov. 12, and she's already verified and so good at social media. But I suppose that we should give Dream's genes some credit here. She's a Kardashian and Kardashians know their way around Snapchat. Which is why its so fitting that one of Rob Kardashian's first pictures of his little girl on his Instagram is of her rocking the infamous puppy filter. He captioned the picture, "lol" but honestly? The joke is on us. Dream has ruined the puppy filter for everyone else with her cuteness.

The puppy filter wasn't the only thing she tried out, though. Blac Chyna also gifted us with a video of her and her daughter sporting the Snapchat flower crowns, both looking totally ethereal. Snapchat aside, we also get to see some of Dream's early personality and it's so endearing.

If you're feeling like a baby just totally stole your Snapchat thunder, don't worry. You are not alone. But, you're also not wrong. Dream's got the filter game on lock and its time the rest of us just to consider Snapchat retirement.