The '90210' Cast Still Supports Each Other So Much

Another '90s reunion took place on Saturday, Nov. 12 at REWind Con, and this time, the Beverly Hills, 90210 cast members were the ones joining in the nostalgia fun. Sadly, key castmember Shannen Doherty was unable to attend the 90210 reunion due to her ongoing breast cancer treatment. And that led to Doherty's former castmate Jennie Garth paying tribute to Shannen Doherty in the sweetest way on her Instagram account, in order to help Doherty feel not only included, but supported by her former TV family.

Beverly Hills, 90210 gave Doherty her most iconic role as Brenda Walsh, a strong-willed young woman who never stopped fighting for the things she wanted out of life. Garth, who has remained friends with Doherty all these years during and after the TV series, seemed to know exactly what Doherty needed to hear over the weekend. In an Instagram post sure to make you sob, Garth told Doherty to "Fight Like A Brenda" in her photo and then added a heartfelt message of support that speaks to the heart of these two amazing women's friendship.

"To my soul sister @theshando strongest lady I've ever known," Garth wrote in the photo's caption. "Then and now. I used to be threatened by your spirit, now I'm in awe of it. You've taught me a lot about speaking my mind and not being afraid of my power. I'm so grateful that young me got to be friends with you. But especially 'old' me! The best is yet to come on this crazy journey!! Love you!"

It's amazing how the original Beverly Hills, 90210 cast has stuck together over the years. When the show was originally on the air, there were rumors of alleged squabbles here and there, but at conventions, in person, and through social media, the group has proven they are still a very much a family. While the entire cast all seem to be there for each other, there is something extra special about Garth and Doherty's relationship, though.

Doherty's Brenda and Garth's Kelly were often at odds onscreen, but off-screen their friendship has blossomed over the years into a truly special bond. Doherty was so moved by Garth's words of encouragement she shared the post on her Instagram page as well, noting, "I'm so proud of this friendship and the mutual respect and admiration we have for each other." It is sad Doherty could not join the cast at the con this year, but Garth made sure her friend knew everyone was thinking about her and wishing her the best as her battle with cancer continues.

Doherty has been so candid throughout her battle, and her journey has made many people feel less alone. Since her diagnosis, Doherty has been busy sharing updates on her health, advocating for breast cancer awareness, and generally being an amazing advocate as she goes through this difficult time. Garth is right, Brenda would be so proud of Doherty and her strength in the face of such a frightening disease — although, she is already doing an excellent job fighting like a Shannen.

Images: jenniegarth, theshando/Instagram